News Analysis – Next on Agenda Is Clinton’s Role – News Analysis –

Mrs. Clinton used her final hours of the long primary season to make clear that she would be open to being Mr. Obama’s running mate. If there was ever any hope in Democratic circles that she would let Mr. Obama off the hook with an evasion or a flat declaration of no interest, Mrs. Clinton dashed it on Tuesday.

A CBC analyst, this morning, was discussing the next step in this very interesting Presidential campaign; namely, the selection of running mates. Between McCain’s age and Obama’s RFK-esque appeal (with all that that implies), the choice of running mate becomes of the utmost importance. Clinton’s ceaseless campaigning has now switched its focus from First Lady to Second Banana, but what if her freneticism is too much of a threat for Obama? The CBC guy suggested that, should Obama go for a male running mate, McCain may counter with a woman.

My seemingly-outlandish-yet-entirely-possible prediction? If she’s rebuffed by Barack, Hillary’s campaign-fervor may drive her into the half-raised arms of John McCain. After all, party affiliations aside, there’s virtually no distinction between any of these candidates’ views on the issues. For all the fuss about this being a breakout year for under-represented groups, it’s a shame the candidates aren’t distinguishing themselves a bit more by, y’know, taking a stand on issues.

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