Yard Sale in Kentucky Yields a Trove of Weegee Photos – NYTimes.com


The letters, along with 210 vintage black-and-white photographic prints, were found in 2003 in a zebra-stripe trunk that was bought at a yard sale in Kentucky by two Indiana women who were on their way back from a camping trip. One of the women simply liked the look of the trunk, and when she found old clothes, yellowed papers and pictures inside, she thought about throwing the contents away.

Yard sale shoppers stumble upon a collection of Weegee photos. Lucky bastards. The best I can manage is to stumble upon a Weegee retrospective at a Paris museum, though admittedly that was pretty cool. I can’t quite decide whether Weegee’s snaps are high art or lowbrow photojournalism, but the good ones are fabulous, and even the sarcastic, lurid captions merit a smile. Nice to think there are suddenly another 100 or so to add to a long-closed portfolio.

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