“10 Films Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind.”

I find it fitting that those whose minds are fit to be blown would consider these overwrought and undergood films to be life-changing. Personally, I found most of them dreary and pseudo-intellectual – meaning silly and unprofound. And after being forced to sit through two hours of guns, fetish wear and ham-handed “philosophy”, I won’t pretend I didn’t derive a great deal of enjoyment from watching my Matrix-loving friends have their pretention bubbles burst with each successively crappier sequel. If you’re deriving your spiritual beliefs from Hollywood blockbusters, we won’t be having many water-cooler movie discussions.

(For the record, I re-watched Jaws for the bazillionth time this weekend. Thoroughly entertaining, and even 30 years later, still gives me the willies whenever swim on my own in a pool. THAT is having your mind blown.)

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