His struggles and cries are ignored … the man with the knife shows no emotion … the victim is slaughtered and his head cut off … his flesh is eaten,” reads the ad posted on the PETA site.

“If this ad leaves a bad taste in your mouth, please give a thought to what sensitive animals think and feel when they come to the end of their frightening journey and see, hear and smell the slaughterhouse,” it says.

PETA tries to make the case that the recent bus killing horror in Manitoba is exactly like killing chickens for food. Personally, I don’t see it, though my reactions are clearly questionable. After all, my initial reaction to this story – that tiny-brained, single-purposed animals are too stupid to perceive emotion – was disproven by the fact that the PETA marketing twits were affected by the tragedy. Just not enough to realise their ad was – like factory-processed, heat-lamped, fast-food chicken – tasteless and offensive.

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