Pigasuss reviews – StumbleUpon


I’m copying this in full* because I’m jealous as all hell that I couldn’t come up with it myself.

Welcome to stumbleupon!!!1

Good start, but you need more glitter gifs.

Complain about how other stumblers mistreat you and constantly threaten to leave SU (but don’t actually leave).

Go ahead and block MindhunterINFJ right now because you’re going to have to eventually.

If you need more friends, find an SEO and friend them. Soon you will have lots of friends that all seem to be reviewing the same stuff, on the same day, and saying pretty much same things in their reviews. They’re not real people, but it’s quantity we’re after and not quality.

Don’t use the “C” word.

You should be fine.

Bravo, Pigasus! You’ve got my vote for official StumbleGreeter ™

* “Plagiarising**” is such an ugly word.
** Uglier still when spelled with an American “z”.

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