Google told to hand over millions of YouTube user details to Viacom in $1 billion case – Telegraph

This is old news, but important news:

Google has been ordered to hand over the personal details of everyone who has ever watched a YouTube video, potentially threatening the privacy of tens of millions of internet users.

The US court judgment is part of an ongoing legal battle between Google, which owns YouTube, and the content provider Viacom, which accuses Google of hosting copyright material on its popular video-sharing site.

Viacom’s greed and paranoia has hit fever pitch. I can – grudgingly – understand prosecuting uploaders who infringe upon Viacom’s copyrights, but what’s the intention for pulling lists of viewers of copyrighted material on YouTube? If the next step is a bill for services rendered, it’ll be time to infringe upon Viacom’s person with a sedative and a straightjacket.

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