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A much-needed larf on a day when my nest egg received another coat of mineral oil (little ornithology joke, there), courtesy the NYTimes: A chronicle of the Pythonesque “LeMons” rally in Ohio, where beat up old junkers are raced until they can race no more. If there hadn’t been photos attached, I would’ve sworn that this was a fake article, albeit a very amusing one. That it’s real makes it all the more amusing. I may have to put “Seeing a LeMons race” on my list of things to do, though I wonder if it could possibly be as entertaining as the article…

Imagine gathering up a bunch of malaise-era cars that had been abandoned at the side of the highway. Then picture them painted in wacky themes and set loose on a racetrack. That is the spectacle of LeMons.

At Toledo, there was an Army-green GMC pickup called First Blood with a likeness of a machine-gun-wielding Sly Stallone in the back and a Mazda RX-7 with a driver

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