How Mr Westfallen woke up as Mr Happy Spanners – Times Online

The Times documents some of England’s citizens’ recent – and ridiculous – name changes. My personal fave is Happy Adjustable Spanners, but this story better sums up the piece:

His determination “not to take life too seriously” led Garry Fisher to adopt the name on a false ID featured in a US teen movie. “I don’t really know what got into my head actually,” said Mc Lovin, 26, a refrigerator engineer from Dorset.

Mr Lovin told The Times: “Most of my friends thought it was funny, the only thing was I was about to start a new job. I was taken round all the departments of the company, being introduced to everyone. That was a bit embarrassing. I had to say, `My name’s not Garry, it’s Mc Lovin’.

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