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The early ’80s were something of a shaky time for Trebek, career-wise. While suffering through Battlestars, he was also hosting the syndicated Pitfall back in Canada, and trying unsuccessfully to liven up one of a wave of gimmicky game shows that emerged around that time (weighed down by elaborate sets and complicated game-play).

The Onion does a retrospective of Alex Trebek, and causes my nostalgia squee for the day: PITFALL! I used to LOVE this show as a kid. Watching a YouTube clip, it does look somewhat 80s-cheesy but nowhere near as bad as you’d expect (if you ignore the contestant’s and host’s apparel and hairstyles, at least). Plus, a nostalgia squee boost upon prize-naming for the Corky and the Juice Pigs comedy triptych: Gameshow Announcers Meet On The Street

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