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Saw this on Daphoenus‘ page, and couldn’t resist sharing the images it stirred up:

Who would be your ideal surrogate SU family – pick a father,
a mother, a daughter and a son, or perhaps just four
stumblers you’d like to share a real-life house with
(but you better make sure they can all get along)

My SU home would be governed by the thoughtful patrician Frannyy, whose fatherly capacities I’ve long admired.

Mom has to be the ultra-cool granny Saline, who would be on call to deal with any spiders that set up shop. (Though she’d be as likely to photograph them as squash them.)

My brother-from-another-mother is definitely BobbyVardar, with whom I share an ethnicity, a colouring, a history of abuse by others because of this colouring, and a tendency towards bipolar swings between enthusiasm and apathy, with disgust winning out most of the time.

Taaaasha‘s my good twin, and the quintessential surrogate sister: We get along on paper but – like my real sis – I’d probably annoy the hell out of her in real life. I’m far more of a buzzkill than she imagines. 😉

Who wouldn’t want RodneyHarrington and BarryWeber as next-door neighbours? Community-minded, and easily persuaded to clean up the mess on my front lawn, which would probably include a heavily intoxicated BumApples lying facedown amongst the azaleas. (We could call Fontanelle to treat him, though I imagine her triaging would start with a patting down of his pockets.)

Finally, I’d keep Rrrick on call (read: locked in the closet) for booty-call convenience. I do love those irreverent cyclist types…

(Mock all you like; it’s no less dysfunctional than my real family!)

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