‘Diamond’ Joe Biden

Without exaggeration, one of the happiest moments of the 2012 election was realising it meant “four more years” for the Onion’s Joe Biden articles.  They’ve built the Veep up into such an amazing caricature that every article is fried gold.  This Reddit AMA is an excellent distillation.

I’m ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden and I’ll be answering your questions today beginning at 2 PM Central/3 PM Eastern to celebrate today’s release of my new autobiography The President of Vice, a hot-shit Kindle Single published by The Onion.

You are welcome to ask me anything about the book, how to round up tail and make them wail, my Trans Am, things you can make into a pipe, Barack, or where we can hook up later if you’re a smokin’ hot mamacita.

I’m fairly hammered right now so I’ll try to answer as many of your questions as I can before I pass out. I don’t know what other crap I’m supposed to type here.

via IAm ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden, Presented by The Onion. Ask Me Anything : IAmA.

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