I’m a follower of Tween Hobo on Twitter. Read this and you’ll understand why you should be, too.

Tween Hobo is it. Her work passes what we might call (after G.E. Lessing) the Laocoön test: it could only be a Twitter feed, not a book, not a video, not a stage show. It’s ephemeral, pop-culture-driven, yet available in retrospect—an archive of stichomythia, allusion, and repartee. Sometimes it just unpacks the latest pop meme, in aggressively anachronistic ways: “I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she is panning for gold in the Yukon Territory.” The best jokes, though, come from collisions between Then and Now, age and youth, tweenness and patched-hat hobodom. “Of all the desolate places, MySpace is the worst.” “A hobo’s gotta live by the whimsicalities of chance, for example I keep my iPod on shuffle.”

via The Believer Logger — Review: @tweenhobo.

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