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Zoku Pop

I’d never heard of this quick-freeze popsicle maker until a friend giddily announced his purchase. One glance at the website won me over: Despite having no free space in my freezer, I’m determined to buy one of these as well as the overpriced and unnecessary but totally squee-worthy “Character Kit”.

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Gizmag &124; New and Emerging Technology News I’m sure there are some interesting articles to be found here, but I’m too distracted by mispronouncing the title as “jizzmag” to continue.

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Cool Tools I have a wholly undeserved reputation for being able to root out neat books, movies and tools that are not well known. In truth, a huge number of “my finds” are stolen from Kevin Kelly’s fantastic web resource, Cool Tools. Kelly’s readers are invited to submit raves of products that work well for them; […]

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