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Elmo Costello

Sesame Street has increasingly relied upon celebrity appearances for content, and while some of these are incongruous (Mark Ruffalo? Really?), others seem perfect for the role. Witness Elvis Costello update an old classic for Muppet audiences.

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The Simpsons Archive: The Simpsons Song Lyrics Someone with plenty of time on their hands has compiled an archive of Simpsons songs and snippets of songs. As every Simpsons fan knows, there are some classics in the oeuvre: I would gladly pay to see a performance of Oh, Streetcar!. The Monorail Song is a thing of genius, and the Hobo Song […]

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(Untitled) As a six-year old, my love for Han Solo wavered only when Kenickie appeared onscreen in Grease. I watched the film tonight for the first time in ages, and what can I say? He’s still got the magic for me! *swoon* Oh, bad boys, what would I do without you?

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