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Roman Mars on city flags

I used to love TED Talks, and would watch each one religiously as it was posted. With the spread of TedX, though, and regional conferences posting every one of their speakers’ talks, the quality has diminished to the point where I don’t bother clicking, because I don’t want to spend 5 minutes determining if this […]

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Olympic Logos

I looked this up after a truncated page with decent comments inspired me – it had only listed Summer Games logos, and being a Canuck the Winter Games are more memorable and more fun. Sadly, this site has no commentary, but it does a good job of showing the chronology of design until its abject […]

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Ugliest Car – Aurora – New York Times

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/23/automobiles/collectibles/23UGLY.html?_r=1&oref=login&pagewanted=all A Times piece about the World’s Ugliest (but Safest) Car and its eccentric, possibly corrupt, holy inventor. Was this one of history’s big What Ifs? Where Juliano got it all wrong was in the drivetrain. The Buick’s engine had not been started in more than four years. Worse, he did not clean out the […]

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http://www.celsiusdesign.net/sabres/jerseys.html The Buffalo Sabres were a late-60s expansion team, but their fans are rabid to the point of sounding like Original Sixers. A leaked picture of the upcoming uniform and logo change has said fans in a tizzy, and they are responding with petitions, protests and very creative alternative suggestions. The link appears to be […]

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