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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080709/ap_on_re_ca/g8_climate_change_24;_ylt=Aly.sKQgzIEO1CmS18qnIyEE1vAI The G8 miraculously come to a consensus on climate change, and promise swift action to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets. Ha ha, just kidding. As usual, the self-congratulatory group present a plan that calls for halving today’s levels over the next 42 years. Dream big, guys, dream big. The one bright spot in the […]

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Clean Office Air With a USB-Powered Mini-Greenhouse – GoodCleanTech

http://www.goodcleantech.com/2007/08/clean_office_air_with_a_usbpow.php A USB greenhouse. Perfect for drones like myself who will never attain the desirable window cubicle. Note that I am resisting the urge to make green-thumb-drive jokes – surely that is deserving of one of these, gift-wrapped and left on my desk?

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titansixs favorite websites – StumbleUpon

http://titansix.stumbleupon.com/ Here I was all set to extend a warm welcome to TitanSix, when I notice he’s been around for a year, and leaves me in the dust, thumbs-given-wise! I suppose, amidst the MySpacers and Photoblogs, there’s another couple of awesome Stumblers I have yet to discover. Anyway, this is the themed blog that was […]

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EcoGeek – Brains for the Earth

http://www.ecogeek.org/ I came for the Superman joke, I stayed for the fantastic array of cool products and eco-friendly attitude. Think “CoolHunting” with less of the “me me me” hipsterism and more “us us us” proactivity.

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Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus/treeoctopus.html It’s been a day for satires and fake sites. Yet another non-existent cause needs your help! The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (Endangered) Help Save The Tree Octopus From Extinction!

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Mass Extinction Underway | Biodiversity Crisis | Global Species Loss

http://www.well.com/user/davidu/extinction.html I say “I like it” but of course I don’t. Mass extinctions aren’t generally thumbs-up type affairs. Even more reason that people should try to do whatever they can to help out. Bush voters, this applies doubly to you.

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Algonquin Wilderness Eco-Lodge

http://www.algonquinecolodge.com/phototour.html This is probably the last of the stumbles from me until Sunday. Tomorrow I’m off to the Eco-Lodge in Algonquin Park, to test a new weight-loss method: Letting the midgies suck out a few litres of my blood. (Stupid midgies!)

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http://wwf.ca/AboutWWF/WhoWeAre/Default.asp?lang=EN OK, bitches! Money—>where mouth is. I’ve been so obsessed with my whistling whales that I’ve decided to step up and do something about it. Starting next week, I’m a month-over-month charitable contributor to the World Wildlife Fund. Their goals, listed below, are nothing but admirable, and if any charity can accomplish them, it’d be […]

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Two-thirds of worlds resources used up | Science | The Guardian

http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/science/story/0,12996,1447921,00.html Depressing as hell, but important to read. If everyone could change just one or two habits with regards to recycling, energy use, carpooling, etc., it would help immensely. I’m always amazed to see how few people can be bothered.

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http://www.channel4.com/4car/feature/environment/what-would-jesus-drive/wwjd-2.html From the page: “Asked what the Messiah might have driven, a brash, tubby spokesman for SUV Owners of America says, “Well, Jesus was a carpenter, and he had twelve hangers-on, so he probably would have had the biggest (SUV) he could get.” Armed with this logic, what are the Greens supposed to do?”

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