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Dailymotion – Chanson de Craonne – une vidéo Actu et Politique

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x30dzv_chanson-de-craonne_events Reasons I love the Internet #13895793: Reading about a French anti-war song on IMDB, and five seconds later being able to find a rendition complete with period photography. We really are spoiled for information – isn’t it wonderful?

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The Hillbilly Gypsies – “Devils Dream”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX1joQgf6Tg Man, say what you will about YouTube, but I’ve spent the past hour looking for “obscure” 17th century folk tunes, and I’ve found every one. This rendition of The Devil’s Dream is particularly jiggy, in the 17th century sense of the word…

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Free Printable Paper – FreePrintable.com

http://www.freeprintable.com/free-printable-paper?page=2 Forget flash and hype: This is the kind of site that makes the Internet a fabulous thing. You may only need graph paper, or music sheets once in a blue moon, but you know that when you need them, they’re but a click away. Terrif.

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cheapeats toronto – Torontos best-selling restaurant guide to good quality, high value meals

http://www.cheapeatstoronto.com/ BumApples‘s curry quest has put me in mind of my friend Alexa’s pet project, the Cheap Eats series. She’s been plugging away at this for years, now, and is now the proud parent of three bouncing baby city restaurant guides. As a dedicated miser, I refuse to eat out unless I know that my […]

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http://www.csshippingcontainers.co.uk/wordpress/ The exciting world of Shipping Containers and what they can be used for! Forgive them the exclamation point – I’m not sure shipping containers deserve one, though I full admit that a plain old period doesn’t quite cover them. Decades of trade deficits with China have resulted in thousands of these ISBUs abandoned at […]

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http://www.grammar-monster.com/common_errors.htm Great resource for sorting out common grammatical errors. Unfortunately, the people who need this advice are not the types to seek it.

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25 Ways to Clean With Vinegar & : Blisstree – Serious Health and Wellness – Injected With Humor

http://www.blisstree.com/thriftymommy/vinegar-uses/ The term “green” has been applied to every kind of product, usually with an accompanying price hike. As green as I am, I don’t buy any of these expensive “environmentally friendly” cleaning products. Why bother, when I can buy four times the amount of vinegar for a quarter of the price? It works on […]

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Search Jobs. Find the Right Career. Get Employed. | Workopolis

http://www.workopolis.com/work.aspx?action=Transfer&View=Content/Common/WorkLoginView&lang=EN&theme=work While I’m on the subject (and still trying to get my enthusiasm going), I’ll forego bitching about how terrible Monster.com is, and instead heap praise on Workopolis. There are a LOT of crappy job boards out there, but Workopolis isn’t one of them. Fast, easy to use, and with some very handy little tweaks […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090519/ap_on_sc/us_shuttle_hubble_166 The Hubble is prepped for its last mission. The craft we all mocked when it took its first problematic flight has redeemed itself a million times over with the incredible photos it regularly sends back. It’ll be missed. Atlantis’ astronauts gingerly dropped the Hubble Space Telescope overboard Tuesday, sending the restored observatory off on […]

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Cariibean Fruits

http://www.tntisland.com/fruits.html One of the best things about living in Toronto (in my opinion, the finest – and truest – multicultural city in the world) is the abundance of exotic produce available for our immigrant population to have a taste of home. Almost all of the fruits listed on this page are available at a single, […]

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