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chrislittle1s favorite websites – StumbleUpon

http://chrislittle1.stumbleupon.com/ I hate finding StumbleBlogs like this – only one page of links, but they’re all either interesting and/or accompanied by some promising comments. The Stumbler, though, hasn’t posted anything since last year, and hasn’t logged on for two months. Poo.

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Rrricks reviews – StumbleUpon

http://rrrick.stumbleupon.com/review/30672500/ Rrrick points out one of my not-so-secret shames: While the American joke on our “about” pronunciation makes me grit my teeth, I must admit to being a reflexive “eh”-er.

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buddley1s reviews – StumbleUpon

http://buddley1.stumbleupon.com/review/27050397/ Buddley1 shows the danger of biased reportage: We find this anti-Obama screed, which appears to be a result of Fox’s “journalistic” tactics absorbed into the consciousness of a 56-year old Wisconsin grandma, then interpreted back out through the filter of terror their stories inspire. So far as I read it, Buddley1 blames Obama for […]

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bakingaddicts favorite websites – StumbleUpon

http://bakingaddict.stumbleupon.com/ A belated welcome to SU for Tamarah. In addition to living in my ‘hood, she proclaims herself to be a BakingAddict. So she automatically zooms up to the #1 position on my Stumblers I’d Like To Meet list. This thumb-up – her first – is entirely self-serving on my behalf 🙂

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uncleroys reviews – StumbleUpon

http://uncleroy.stumbleupon.com/review/27041616/ UncleRoy pays tribute to Studs Terkel, whose passing was sadly undernoted in the lead-up to the election. Much to my dad’s dismay, I haven’t had an opportunity to read any of his books, but I recognise his legacy, and – at the very least – he’ll always be the pitch-perfect voice of Ben Butler, […]

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RodneyHarringtons reviews – StumbleUpon

http://rodneyharrington.stumbleupon.com/ A brand-new-to-me Stumbler who has knocked my socks off after reading only one page. While the banks have abandoned it to neglect and decay, RodneyHarrington is determined to salvage his neighbourhood through good spirit and hard work. He’s buying up foreclosed, condemned properties and planning gardens with which to feed his community. The application […]

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Pigasuss reviews – StumbleUpon

http://pigasus.stumbleupon.com/review/24213665/ From the page: “Members of a fundamentalist American church group planning to stage a protest at the funeral for a Winnipeg man brutally killed on a Greyhound bus have managed to enter Canada, a spokeswoman told CBC News on Friday.” For once, I’m hoping Canadians get their impression of America from the likes of […]

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firewolf60s favorite websites – StumbleUpon

http://firewolf60.stumbleupon.com/ I’m breaking a personal rule for FireWolf60. Normally, I won’t review Stumblers unless they have an archive large enough to gauge their themes and mindsets. She’s only got six posts so far, but they cover history, frugality, art, current events, and the willingness to question the mainstream media. Oh, and a friendly introductory message. […]

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joeturnerfrs reviews – StumbleUpon

http://joeturnerfr.stumbleupon.com/review/20005628/ I did a double-take upon visiting JoeTurnerFr’s site: He drew attention to a Kiva participant whose loan agency had been defrauding the company. As it happens, it was the first of my Kiva loans. The loan was repaid while I was in Europe, and I hadn’t had a chance to check the circumstances surrounding […]

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shrike71s reviews – StumbleUpon

http://shrike71.stumbleupon.com/review/17277545/ And, of all the steal-worthy stuff on Shrike71’s page, I’m going to stick with the post I picked out a month ago. Knuckle-dragging Floridians are contesting the teaching of evolution in schools: “The last time I went to the zoo, the monkeys weren’t evolving into man,” read one comment. “Evolution is not proven and […]

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