My side of the puddle

A housewife in Ohio (I’m assuming she’s a housewife) is writing “tributes” to all of the nearly 3000 victims of the World Trade Center attacks. Unfortunately, the basis of her quite pitiable writing seems to be the infinitely superior Portraits of Grief. These were single or two-paragraph reminiscences of the dead by their loved ones, published by the NYTimes in the weeks following the disaster. They’re beautiful, compelling frozen-moments that gracefully sum up the victim’s life and passions. This website, on the other hand, dwells entirely on their deaths, and wishes vengeance on their behalf from the safety of Middle America, where the ire of the jihadists has no ready outlet. The cycle of animosity and answering violence with violence – as preached by this no doubt loving mother of two boys – will lead to nothing but more destruction and violence. I dearly wish the women of the world would stand up and do more to stop this kind of thing – refuse to give up their sons for military drafts or suicide missions, and raise them so that such notions are as offensive as the carnage both engender.

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