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The Point Magazine

http://www.thepointmag.com/archive/love-in-the-age-of-the-pickup-artist/ I once worked within earshot of a dweeby jerk who was taking classes in The Game, that pick-up artist craze of a few years ago. He was unpleasant enough to start with, but grew unpleasant-er as he spent most of his “work” hours on the phone to friends, discussing his class notes in what […]

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The Best Cities for Singles – According to Hard Data! – Love + Sex on Shine

http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/the-best-cities-for-singles-according-to-hard-data-474498/ Singles map of the US, broken down by gender (of the singles, not the states). My first instinct was to want to move to California. My second instinct was to remember that there’s probably a reason they’re all single. I have watched enough TV* to know that LA men and NY women are stereotypes […]

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Lustlab Ad of the Week – Ellen Forney

http://www.ellenforney.com/blog/category/lustlab-ad-of-the-week/ Not necessarily NSFW, but the closest you’re likely to find on this blog. Artist illustrates personal ads from her local free weekly. The art is whimsically done, and the idea feels like an artist’s technique-building project, reminiscent of those Photo A Day websites. Neat stuff.

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Amid Spasms of Violence, Iraq Is Riveted by Gallows Video; Swift End to Drama – New York Times

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/30/world/middleeast/30cnd-hussein.html Without specifying a time, date or place, he said, “There is no review or delay in implementing the execution verdict against Saddam.” Esam al-Gazawi, another lawyer representing Mr. Hussein who is currently in Jordan, expressed the views of many by suggesting that the timing of the execution was determined by the highest levels of […]

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LRB · classified

http://www.lrb.co.uk/classified/index.php Another good reason (my first being close proximity to Paris) to move to Britain. Here, I thought the book from my previous entry was a collection of rarities, but they’re almost always this fun. Fwah. In laboratory tests, this ad made seven mice blind. The remaining three, however, developed extra-sensory powers and the ability […]

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http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_2057296.html?menu=news.quirkies Excerpts from the London Review of Books’ lonelyhearts ads, which are as witty as you’d expect from LRB readers. Makes me wish I had a subscription, or better yet the shining wit to come up with my own. Or I may just reappropriate my favourite from the page for my own use. As I’m […]

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http://www.abc.net.au/science/news/stories/2006/1794571.htm If you want to be a big hit at speed-dating, walk tall, say UK scientists. Their survey found that taller men are more likely to get a date. The University of Essex scientists calculated that for every 2.5 centimetres taller a man is than his speed-dating rivals, the number of women who want to […]

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http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/technology/news-apple-ipod.html Stumbler KRohit910 asks, “Now what do you have to say, you Apple fans?” about this news: Apple said since September 12, less than 1 percent of Video iPods — pocket-sized devices that can play music files and video clips — left its contract manufacturer carrying the virus RavMonE.exe… To which I smugly respond: …which […]

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Justices Set Limits on Public Employees’ Speech Rights – New York Times

http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/30/washington/30cnd-scotus.html Certain well-known “Activist Judges” prove they will do what they can to bury whistleblowers and thus protect government corruption and scandal from ever being revealed. Did anyone believe they’d ever see the US ruled by such a shadowy, nefarious bunch of goons as represented by the Bush admin and his court? The Supreme Court […]

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http://www.westshore.edu/webs/ltc/cornell_note_taking_method.htm I managed to get by in Uni with the note-taking method I devised, though admittedly it was late in year 3. O Cornell note-taking method! Where were you when I needed you?

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