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Woody Guthrie – So long its been good to know you So long, it’s been good to know yuh;\ So long, it’s been good to know yuh;\ So long, it’s been good to know yuh.\ This dusty old dust is a-gettin’ my home,\ And I got to be driftin’ along.\ \ Ave atque vale, fellow Stumblers. I hope to be able to keep track of […]

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(Untitled) \ \ Have you backed up your SU blog yet?

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Heres What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About… *Grabs protest sign, heads for Wall Street*

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Apple – Remembering Steve Jobs I hate that this page exists, and I’m in tears right now as I write this.\ \ Steve was my CEO for 8 of the most turbulent and most formative years of my life. I started with Apple pre-iPod, when the company was floundering and not expected to survive. The cadre of believers I […]

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infieldsingles favorite websites – StumbleUpon Four reviews in and she’s already a Stumbler to be reckoned with. Shame she’s getting here just as her fellows (she’s already following some vets) are leaving.

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jennasixs reviews – StumbleUpon One of my fave old-timer Stumblers, but who’d resurfaced under a new name without me noticing. Nothing but quality, here.

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FulanoDeTal569s reviews – StumbleUpon A new thumb for an SU old-timer. (And one last laugh at the auto-tag SU provided for me: “Classical-Studies”.)

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azkitchens favorite websites – StumbleUpon Another long-time Stumbler I’ve neglected. Thumbs-up both for quality content and the last line of this SU obituary. Such a feeling of community used to exist here. Most of those people have moved to contacting me through other means like Google +, Facebook, or email. Now all I mainly get is weekly mail in […]

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Petition &Keep the SU community alive. Petition to keep photoblogging and html intact& Much as I admire the spirit that moves this petition, I think the very fact that Stumblers like us *use* petitions is what makes the Devs happy to be rid of us. There’s no point in signing; they won’t listen. That they had no export feature ready to go with the announcement of the […]

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marielaems reviews – StumbleUpon I don’t feel too bad for not having reviewed Marielaem before now, as I know I had thumbed up a previous incarnation of hers. She’s yet another veteran Stumbler who’s had enough. For shame once again, Devs, for driving away the quality folk like this. The thing I liked about SU in days of […]

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