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The Olympics Is a Losers Game

In its ongoing need to be taken seriously as a World Class City – and despite Canada’s almost universal “meh” interest in summer sports – Toronto continually bids for the Summer Games.  The city claims it can’t afford to improve our appalling transit service, and cuts civic offerings left right and centre, yet wants to […]

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Incredibly Creative Pencil Drawings vs Photography

http://www.boostinspiration.com/drawing/incredibly-creative-pencil-drawings-vs-photography/ Cute concept, but the execution is lacking. These feel very commercial, and I mean that less in an “artist trying to get paid” way than in an “I’m shocked there’s no corporate logo in the corner” way.

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http://itschaitime.com/fresh/abraham-lincoln-facebook-profile/ Half-hearted thumb up for a couple of fun items (McClellan’s list of things about him, for instance) but this is pretty weak overall. It’s not a patch on Hamlet, whose Emo shoegazing is perfect Facebook fodder.

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Fountain Tab Faucet by Jin-sun Park & Byungmin Woo & Yanko Design

http://www.yankodesign.com/2009/03/26/my-faucet-is-better-than-yours/ Massively expensive tap turns your bathroom sink into a water-wasting fountain! For those too lazy to turn their heads to drink, or anyone who hasn’t seen this done better (and cheaper, and tastier) in Rome.

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The Openhouse by XTEN Architecture & CONTEMPORIST

http://www.contemporist.com/2008/12/16/the-openhouse-by-xten-architecture/ Funny how one’s mental lines get drawn. I thumbed up a rather similar minimalist house yesterday, but with its open-air fireplace and massive space, this one just seems wanky.

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wikiHow – The How-to Manual That You Can Edit

http://www.wikihow.com/Main-Page Reserving judgment for when the inevitable improvements are made to this wiki, ’cause my first search with WikiHow – for “clear blocked drain” – resulted only in shocking step-by-step results on neti potting and embalming. (I don’t know how much clearer I was supposed to be!) ***BUMPITY BUMP*** Blocked drain cleared using only my […]

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http://www.dapperstache.com/index.php?contenttype=ptoa&title=ptoa A periodic table of lazy humour. I hate jokes based around “inherently funny” words. The mere mention of “ninja” or “bacon” isn’t enough to get me laughing.

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Apple – Trailers – Horton Hears A Who – Trailer 1 Medium

http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/hortonhearsawho/medium_t1.html I’m getting tired of the cynical, ironic tone used in every kids’ movie these days. A shame about this one, which has been Carrey- and Carrell-ified so much it detracts from the jaw-dropping Seussian animation – they’ve nailed the look, but I don’t recall the good Dr. ever writing about emo kids…

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Michael Hann on | Media | The Guardian

http://www.guardian.co.uk/g2/story/0,,2026533,00.html Guardian article discusses the increasing use of “meh”. Only a few paragraphs, and it doesn’t mention the fairly obvious Simpsons origin ’til near the end. All in all, a low-key waste of time and effort. Anyone else see the irony, here?

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